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5 Ways To Transform Your Morning Coffee Into A Self-care Routine

For most people, brewing or making a pot of coffee in the morning is just another part of their morning routine.

For some of them, it’s much more.

Morning coffee as a habit and part of our routine can become much more than just a caffeine kick. Having something constant in our life is important, and if coffee is that one constant thing in the morning, you should make the most of it.

If you begin your day in a rush, stressed, and unfocused, that’s most probably what your day would look like. But if you start the day feeling strong and centered, your day is much more likely to be calm, productive, and stress-free.

And it’s very easy to transform that seemingly small and underrated part of the day because you are already doing it. What you need to change is the way you drink your first cup in the morning and you’ll start the day with a clear and positive mindset.

Here are some ways to maximize your morning coffee routine, transforming the brewing and drinking of your favorite blend into a ritual that sets the tone for the day ahead:

1. Enjoy your coffee time before anyone else in the household

Even if you are not a morning person, the time spent alone will be worth it, and eventually something you’ll look for to do the next day.

When you get that headstart before anyone else, you set your intention straight, and you won’t rush through the day.

Or if you live alone, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your coffee without being in a hurry, even if it means waking up 20 minutes earlier.

Enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee, your favorite one, and enjoy the calm.

2. Practice being present

In addition to waking up before everyone else, you will feel the urge to be present every step of the way.

That sounds like self-care to me.

Try to keep your phone away, focus, and be present where you are while making and drinking your coffee.

Scrolling and checking emails and messages will only have the opposite effect and just rush you into the day.

The goal is to turn your morning coffee into a time and space just for you. A space where you can hear your own thoughts and set your intentions for the day ahead.

3. Choose a coffee you truly love at the moment

Because your morning coffee time should be an enjoyable moment, the coffee itself should be enjoyable too.

If you are the person who will just drink whatever coffee is available on the kitchen shelf, maybe you should start experimenting with different blends and beans.

Coffee’s flavor varies so much, and you can discover what you really want in a coffee.

Visiting a local roastery is an experience in itself. Talk to a local roaster about what flavors in the coffee you like, and they will definitely recommend something tasty.

Also, choose the type of coffee you brew. Whether is espresso, latte, or a nice rich French press, you should be able to enjoy it the way you want to.

Take the time to discover which coffees work for you, and which you feel like drinking at certain times of the day. It may be that you crave a mellow taste first thing, but a jammier and more intense brew comes mid-morning. 


4. Consider your drinkware

This sounds like an unimportant thing but it can make all the difference. Going to the trouble of using a cup or mug you really love – rather than whichever one is closest to your hand – sends a signal to yourself that you are worth the effort.

The colors and materials of everyday things that we use can play a big part in setting or exposing our mood.

Sometimes the color of the clothes we wear can tell a lot about our mood that day.

So, set the day right and choose the right mug or cup for you. Don’t just get the first one that comes to your hand. I also like when the cups or mugs are the appropriate sizes for the coffee I drink. Small espresso cup for my espresso, a big rounder one for a cappuccino, or propper big mug for later in the day for a big cup of pure slow brewed coffee, like V60 or Chemex.

Inspirational coffee mugs can always lift your mood or set your tone for the day. Also, mugs with positive emotional value, like gifts from a special person, can also have a positive impact on your mood.

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re injecting your morning with as much pleasure and joy as you can. You deserve it.

5. Savour the moment

Find yourself in a peaceful corner where you can truly savor this sacred moment. Hold your coffee in both hands, feel the heat on your palms, inhale the aromas, and take a few deep breaths before having your first sip.

As you drink, consider how you feel in this moment, reflect on the previous day, and set some intentions for the day ahead. You can either do this in your head or write in a journal and really commit to your intentions. Experiment by noting down three to five things you’re grateful for as you ease yourself into the day and see whether this has any effect on your mood. You could also use this time to set down a to-do list for the day and really, just anything that feels best and most natural for you.

Carving out time to enjoy your coffee mindfully will not only help you to slow down and live in the moment, but it’ll also give your well-being a much-needed boost too.


Few Words From Me

Sometimes, changes seem big and difficult, but when they involve something we love, like coffee, they shouldn’t be as much.

Since I started to drink coffee, I love it most when I drink it alone in the morning. But, I wasn’t always mindful of it.

As the years passed, and my love for coffee grew, I started to slow the coffee time more and more, started making my own coffee at home, and enjoy the ritual of brewing itself, as it feels like meditation.

Now, I journal mostly in the morning together with my morning coffee.

How about you? Is coffee a part of a special self-care routine for you?

Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

Until the next time,

Enjoy Your Coffee!


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