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How To Make Tonic Coffee – Perfect Summer Coffee Drink

With the summer coming quickly, we all look for all the different iced coffee recipes and coffee drinks to include in our daily coffee intake.

And there are plenty of iced coffees and iced coffee drinks to choose from.

Tonic Coffee is one of them.

The bubbly tonic and the bitter espresso combine to make a drink that is complex and surprisingly refreshing.

What Is Tonic Coffee?

Tonic Coffee is a coffee drink made of espresso or cold brew coffee (sometimes cold brew concetrate), tonic water, and ice. Sometimes squeezing a bit of lemon or adding a spring of rosemary adds more intense flavor to the coffee.

The bright and tangy flavors of the tonic’s quinine provide the perfect complement to acidic coffee, making this drink equally ready to take the place of your favorite iced coffee and to satisfy the need for something sweet.

The coffee tonic that started to get popular in San Francisco around 2014th, was inspired by a signature house drink on the menu at the acclaimed Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden.

From there, the coffee tonic took off quickly to the rest of the US and around the world.

But, you won’t find it in every coffee shop, so here is how to make it easily at home, with very few ingredients.

What You Need To Prepare The Tonic Coffee?

All you need for tonic coffee: espresso shot, tonic water, lemon (or lime) wedge, ice cubes
  • Double shot of espresso or cold brew coffee
  • Tonic water (approximately 150ml, that’s how much I used)
  • Lemon or lime wedge
  • Ice cubes
  • Garnish of your choice, lime or lemon slice, rosemary, syrup ( I didn’t use any).

How To Make Tonic Coffee

Have all the ingredients ready
Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon before you pour the tonic water
The best part is pouring the espresso over the ice

  1. Prepare a double shot of espresso and let it cool down
  2. Fill up a glass (200ml) with ice.
  3. Squeeze the lime or lemon wedge on top of the ice
  4. Pour in the tonic water over the ice, leaving space for the espresso
  5. Pour in the double espresso shot
  6. Add your favorite garnish and enjoy your tonic coffee!!!
Tonic Coffee

Final Words From Me

One thing I love about this coffee drink is that it’s really refreshing, it’s kind of sweet, and still there is zero sugar in it, which makes it perfect summer drink.

I love the lemon flavor in coffee, and it reminds me of the Portuguese Mazagran coffee, which is basically coffee iced coffee with lemon juice.

These kinds of coffee drinks are perfect to break the routine of your regular iced store-bought coffee drinks. You can be as creative as you want and eve make your own signature coffee drink.

How about you?

Have You Tried Tonic Coffee Yet?

And now that you know how to make it, would you give it a try?

Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

And don’t forget to share this article with friends and family, someone might find it useful.

Enjoy Your Coffee!


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