Mother’s Day Gifts For Coffee Lovers Mums In Kuwait

As Mother’s Day is around the corner, many of you might have found yourselves not completely ready for the day.

If you want to surprise the mother of your kids, your own mother, or any mother figure in your life, but you are not sure how to, here are some starter tips: get up early, make her a special Mother’s Day breakfast, and have a gift ready by the time she reaches the kitchen.

And if she is anything like me, she is going in the kitchen for a coffee.

That’s why a coffee gift would be a perfect gift for a mom who enjoys her coffee time, whether it’s in the morning, or an afternoon me-time, coffee is part of most of the mom’s daily routines.

That’s why, this year get her exactly what she’ll love: coffee!

I put a short list of my favorites coffee gifts, which are not only about coffee, but the whole experience.

Some of them I got as gifts before, and some not ( habibi, if you read this, take a hint! )


1. Hancoffee Gift Box by Hancoffee

Via: IG

There is nothing that she won’t love in this box: It’s stylishly packed with everything she’ll need for a perfect coffee time.

This stylish coffee box contains:

  1. Hancoffee vacuum mug
  2. Drip coffee bags
  3. 250gr Standard blend coffee grounds
  4. Filter

Surprise a mother in your life on her special day!

2. Mother’s Day Gift Box by ReadyToCoffee

Amazing and simple, yet elegant Mother’s Day gift, wrapped with love and affection.

The mug has two different messages that will remind her every day that she is loved and appreciated, while she is having the finest coffee drink and delicious sweet treat.

She will have the whole experience with every sip and bite.

This Mother’s Day coffee box contains:

  1. Mug with a unique message, different on both sides
  2. Coffee of your/her choice (beans, instant, pods, or any type of ground coffee)
  3. Sweets ( cookies or chocolate)

Customize the box to her liking and give a meaningful gift this year, not everyone likes flowers!

3. Gift Card from COFE App

Via: IG Getcofe

The COFE App is a must have application for every coffee lover.

By giving this card to your coffee lovers friends and family members, you are giving them the opportunity to choose coffee drinks or coffee-related products from numerous coffee places in Kuwait.

There is an option to choose the amount of money you want to share and send it through email or the application itself with a personalized message.

4. Mother’s Day Gift By Richard’s Coffee Co.

Via Richard’s Coffee Co IG

An elegant box from Richard’s Coffee Co in collaboration with Nagwa, that is perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift. She will love the vibrant colors and everything that comes inside. Forget about the flowers this year, and surprise her with a coffee and pastries that all the family will enjoy!

This Mother’s Day Gift Box includes:

  1. 6 Arabic coffee cups by Richard’s Coffee Co
  2. Arabic coffee by Richard’s Coffee Co
  3. Pistachio Grayba, Dates Croissant & Rahash by Nagwa

5. Mother’s Day Turkish Coffee Gift Set by Place It Kuwait

Via PlaceIt IG

Elegant gift box, beautifully packed and ready to be gifted to a special mother this year.

The Turkish Coffee Gift Set (Mother’s Day Edition) includes:

  1. 250 grams Turkish Coffee bag from “Mazj Roastery”
  2. 100% Natural Black Marble Tray 30×20 CM
  3. Two Black Matte Minimalist Turkish Coffee Cups
  4. Black Coffee Scoop
  5. Mom Frame size 15×10 CM
  6. Red Rose 

Final Words From Me

I hope you liked the list, and it will be helpful in choosing the perfect gift.

The mothers and mother figures in our life deserve the best, and if coffee is what they want, you should give them the best.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers And All Who Mother!


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