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Iced Coffee With A Minty Twist

For many of you reading my blogs, and many more that are not, coffee is a very special and important part of the daily life. From that first kick in the morning, to the extra power in the afternoon, coffee is with us everywhere: coffee break at work, coffee with a friend, coffee with a book, you get the drift.

But day after day, drinking the same coffee over and over again can get somehow boring. And believe me, I don’t want my coffee to be boring, ever.

Especially in these hot summer days, I’m looking for inspiration mostly for iced coffee recipes, because I know it can be so versatile, so I can have at least one or two new coffee drinks a week.

And, some time ago, I came to this account on Instagram @drink_alt, which is all about different kinds of drinks and picked out the Iced Minty Coffee Drink to make today.

I have to say, I’m impressed.

Credit: @drink_alt

And the process and ingredients are so simple, it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of that first?

Here is how I made my own Iced Mint Coffee and now you can do it, too.

Iced Coffee With A Minty Twist


  • 1 cup brewed coffee ( any coffee will do, chilled or at room temperature)
  • Mint leaves attached to stems (around 10 leaves)
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugar or sweetener to taste (if you opt for it, I skipped this step)
  • 100ml milk of your choice



You can use a coffee of your choice. It can be a double shot of espresso, cold brew, even instant coffee will do. Let it cool down until it’s room temperature.


Fill the glass with ice cubes, in between put some of the mint leaves, and sweetener if you choose to.


You can choose to put milk or coffee first. I poured the coffee first. If you use sweetener, mix it with a spoon in order for the sweetener to dissolve. When you are ready, pour the milk and decorate with mint leaves.

Black coffee, like Americano, also tastes great with mint ( I tried that version, too ).

And voila!

Pouring the coffee in the glass
Pouring the milk in the coffee
The mint coffee is ready!

You have a perfect refreshing summer drink that doesn’t only tastes and feels great, it will make you a perfect shot for Instagram.

I hope you’ll make this drink and love it like I do.

It doesn’t take more time than your regular coffee, yet you have a new coffee drink to break the routine.

If you make it, please share your photos on Instagram with us, I’d love to see your creation.

Make sure to Follow @drink_alt, who is responsible for this blog, and for my new favorite coffee drink, and tag them in your pictures of this Iced Minty Coffee, and of course, if you aren’t already, follow me @readytocoffee for more coffee inspiration and fun.

Enjoy your Mint Coffee!


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