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5 Reasons Why Is Better To Buy Coffee From Local Roasters

Where do you buy your coffee or coffee beans?

Last time I was at the supermarket, as usual, I passed by the coffee and tea isle, which was full of all kinds of international brands, and very few local ones.

The options are overwhelming: there is Light Roast, Dark Roast, different blends and brands, capsules, instant coffee, and more, but the prices are not. Yet, I still buy from local coffee roasters.

Do you want to know why?

Shortly, because the coffee is fresh, the quality is better, the owners and employees are the most pleasant people that will give you any kind of advice. But that’s not all.

Read more to know all my reasons for buying coffee locally.

Why Is Better to Buy Coffee From a Local Roaster?

1. The Coffee Is Always Fresh

Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, coffee has the best flavor anytime between 3 days to 2 weeks after it’s roasted.

That means that your local coffee roaster had his coffee beans roasted within this time frame, and you’ll find a sticker showing the date of roasting.


Which is very different from a supermarket bought coffee, where you’ll find the usual “best by” date, which is somewhere between 6 months to a year after the packaging of the coffee.

This for me is the ultimate reason to buy locally, but, yes, there are more.

2. Local Roasters Provide Better Quality Of The Coffee

When you see how the owners of those roasteries are fully dedicated to roasting their coffee, using their knowledge of origin, types, altitudes, and putting all their love in the roasting of the coffee, you know that they want to share with us the best coffee they can possibly provide.

They will watch carefully every step of the process to make sure the coffee is properly done.

And, it is!


3. Local Coffee Roasters Are The Best At Giving Advice About Coffee

Once, I was trying a new coffee from a local coffee shop, and asked a simple question: the answer was something you won’t read anywhere on the Internet, it was just so amazing to listen.

If you have any question, they will be so happy to answer and talk about it, because it’s their passion, they will never get bored of it.

Whether it’s about brewing techniques, methods, or flavor profiles, you will always go from there with more information, and you’ll come back for more.

Coffee, of course. Ok, and more coffee talk.

4. The Choice Of Coffee Flavors And Origins Is Way Bigger

Photo by Christelle Hayek on Unsplash

Most of the coffee types and origin available at your local roaster are not available in the supermarket.

Coffee beans coming from different countries of origins, like from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya or Ethiopia, have their own very distinct flavors and you will want to taste them all.

Plus, they will grind their beans for you, whether it’s for esspresso, filter, chemex, V60, you name it.

You’ll have the perfect grind for your favorite type of coffee brew.

5. Local Roasters Always Help The Environment And The Coffee Farmers

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

You might find all or some of these terms on the coffee bag you buy from the local roaster.

  • Organic – The coffee with this designation abides by standards of the USDA of not using prohibited substances on their land
  • Rain Forest Alliance – Promotes sustainable practices in the environment as well as the treatment of the workers.
  • Bird Friendly/Shade Grown – Promotes multiple layers of vegetation and various species, keeping the environment diverse and healthy.
  • Fair Trade – Fair Trade links coffee farms with importers and guarantees a minimum price for their coffee, reducing exploitation in remote areas.
  • Direct Trade – Though not technically a certification, many specialty roasters are bypassing traditional certifications and purchasing coffee from farmers directly .As a result of cutting out the middleman (exporting/importing companies, etc), roasters are able to pay farmers a higher price for their coffee (higher than fair trade requires) and thus helping the farmer earn more for their efforts.

Having these certifications, the local roasters, and you as their customer, help the environment and the coffee farmers, who are most probably paid very little, but give the biggest effort and time in growing and picking the coffee beans.


A Final Thought From Me

Whether convenient or not, whether is about coffee or any other product, it’s always best choice to buy locally.

When you purchase your products from a local business, you are not only supporting that said business, you are supporting a community.

And that feeling, together with your morning coffee from the local coffee shop, is a perfect recipe for the best day ahead.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

And please share your favorite coffee roaster’s name in the comments, from anywhere in the world, and give them the support they deserve.


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Is Better To Buy Coffee From Local Roasters

  1. Amen!! I buy all my coffee and have a dozen neighbors of mine now all buying our coffee from Oakley Artisan Roasters in Cincinnati! The absolute best coffee I’ve ever had. They also do an amazing cold brew and they really know how to roast an origin optimally to get the best possible product result!


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