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7 Gifts Perfect For Coffee Lovers You Can Get In Kuwait

When we think about summer many things come to mind. Father’s day is one of them.

On this day we get to honor the men who had a hand in raising us or the man who is raising our kids with us. So, any father figure in general.

And as any other year on this days, the dads everywhere are celebrated with love, cards and gifts.

But this year don’t let him settle for another gift that he has already have in the drawer, another tie or wallet.

This year get him what he really wants and will appreciate – coffee!

And to make this challenge easier, I’ve done the work and made a list of the best coffee-themed gifts that all father figures in your life are going to love, and there’s not a single watch included.

1. Gathering Box by 20 Grams

Gathering Box by 20Grams

This box full of flavors is any coffee lover’s dream.

Choose the flavor the dad or hubby likes the most, include yours too, and enjoy the unique flavors and varieties that 20 Grams coffee shop has to offer.

Don’t forget ice for a perfect summer refreshment.

2. Barista Space Coffee Brew Kettle by Dr. Barista

This fashionable looking kettle is a must have in everyone’s coffee corner.

The kettle has new and original design, and it’s a perfect tool for pour-over brewing methods. It can contain up to 600ml water, and you will love watching the man in your life making coffee with elegant tools like this one.

Dr. Barista is a coffee tools shop that offers many more coffee brewing tools and instruments, as well as coffee beans.

3. French Press Coffee Collection by Let’s Coffee

French Press Coffee Collection by Let’s Coffee

This collection of coffee beans from different origins is a real treat for every coffee lover.

The box is ready to be gifted, and looks elegant and natural.

This is a perfect chance to taste coffee from different origins and choose your favorite.

4. Coffee & Donuts by Jumo Coffee Roasters

Mixed Flavors 6 Signature Bottles by Jumo Coffee Roasters

If the dad has a sweet tooth, apart from being a coffee lover, this combination is perfect for him.

The original flavors of the Jumo Roastery coffee drinks and doughnuts, as well as the elegant packaging are sure to melt his heart.

5. Gift Card from COFE App

Gift Card by COFE App

The COFE App is an aplication that is a must have for every coffee lover.

By giving him this card, you are giving him the gift of most of his favorite coffee drinks.

You can choose the amount of money you want to share and send it through email or the app itself. There is even a space for personalized message.

6. Coffee Mugs by Hope 92 Gallery

Star Wars Coffee Mug by Hope 92 Gallery

If the father or hubby is a Star Wars fan, or comic books fan, maybe even Disney fan, this place has the perfect mugs for him.

You’ll give him the joy of being a child again while he is having his morning coffee and starting the day right.

There are plenty of mugs to choose from, but you won’t be wrong with any of them.

7. Emergency curfew kit by Lumia Coffee

Bobo Drip Coffee Kit by Lumia Coffee

This easy-to-use drip kit will be amazing for anyone who likes to enjoy great coffee on the go.

The Bobo Kit is a Brazilian origin coffee, but they have a choice of Colombian, Nicaraguan, and Ethiopian origin. You can check the other coffee grounds and types as well.

So, that’s about it. I think we covered most needs that any coffee lover would love.

Happy Father’s Day, and enjoy your coffee.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments if this was helpful, and share it with friends and family that might need it, too.

Enjoy Your Coffee

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