5 ways coffee boosts my writing

And 5 quotes from famous writers

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

If you read this, you must love coffee just like me. I’m usually waking up an hour before the kids so I can have a cup of coffee in peace and quiet. I mean, who doesn’t like to have their coffee in peace and quiet?

Because, guess what happens after? Life happens! No hot coffee or book with the coffee, or any kind of relaxing coffee time. Not until the nap time at least. Well, that’s not a long time, as well. And here, I have the coffee that I’m not only enjoying because of its taste and aroma but for all the benefits of it in the short time I have to write.

Here are 5 ways the coffee helps me write:

  • Intention

It’s all about the ritual. The intention you’ve set while performing that ritual. Turning on the coffee machine, filling the coffee holder, tapping it until it’s smooth, and finally seeing that priceless liquid pouring into your favourite cup, is setting you up for a success. This ritual is often a big part of encouraging creativity. Whatever task you have to finish after, which is the writing for me, it’s not an obligation anymore – it’s pleasure.

Even on the days I just don’t feel like writing, a cup of coffee works like a magic with me.

  • Relaxing

Once I’m set up for my coffee and writing, I feel immediately relaxed. I know this time is for me and me only, so I can let my mind wander off and just for a little bit not thinking of anything.

And it’s only when we are relaxed, that the inspiration and creativity come to play their role. Once I inhale that warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I know I can do this!

  • Focus

It’s well known that the caffeine is helping in concentration and focusing. And it’s working with me, too. But that’s not the only reason it makes me focus more. When I made an intention that I talked about in the point 1, it’s all about that intention. So, if my intention was to write while drinking this coffee, the concentration and writing come naturally.

Fact: As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine doesn’t just boost alertness, it can also improve your mood. This is due to the adenosine-blocking effect that makes you feel alert. 

  • It keeps me going

We all agree that coffee is a stimulant. And that stimulant is blocking the part of the brain that says ‘I’m tired’. I’m not tired of coming up with bad ideas, or overthinking every word I write. I just let the creative juices flow.     And once they started to flow, I’m ready to do something with them. And I don’t even know what I’ll end up creating.      

Fact: Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain, which causes a stimulant effect. This improves energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain function.

  • Reward

Of course there has to be a reward, otherwise it wouldn’t be so satisfactory, would it? Once I finish, by mine or my sons initiative, I can see that something has been done, I wrote today and I didn’t find excuse not to. And the reward is bigger when I know that I actually created something good.

And, I got to have my coffee in peace and quiet, after all. Playing with my kids, when I know that there’s no task waiting for me, is the biggest reward.

I am pretty sure all of us have experienced the energy boost coffee provides. It’s the reason why most of us need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning.

Not only does coffee help get you moving, it helps jumpstart your brain so you overcome the first hurdle to unlocking your creative juices.

Ideas are vital to creativity. I’ve found ideas breed more ideas which eventually lead to creative breakthroughs. It is hard to generate this flow of ideas without any initiative.

And because it’s well known that the coffee was favorite beverage to many artists, especially writers, here are 5 quotes on coffee by famous writers.

1. “I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”Louis May Alcott

I have to admit, I feel the same most days.

2. “Were it not for coffee one could not write, which is to say one could not live.”  – Honore de Balzac

My point, exactly

3. “Ah, that is a perfume in which I delight; when they roast coffee near my house, I hasten to open the door to take in all the aroma.” Jean Jacque Rousseau

The smell of freshly ground coffee is the best in the whole world.

4. “I just want a hot cup of coffee, black, and I don’t want to hear about your troubles.” — Charles Bukowski

Because sometimes you just want to enjoy the coffee, forget for a second even about your own problems.

5. “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” — T.S. Eliot

Aren’t the best moments usually include coffee in them?

Do you drink coffee? What helps boost your creativity?  I would love to hear your from you in the comments.

Until the next time,

Enjoy your coffee!


5 thoughts on “5 ways coffee boosts my writing

  1. Coffee and writing are inseparable for me. It is true that I am writing about coffee a lot of the time. But I don’t always need the coffee, as such, just the empty mug next me helps. Thanks!

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