Have that coffee hot, mama

How many days in a row you had your coffee cold? Or even worse, how many times a day?

I’m a big, big fan of coffee and a coffee lover. I enjoy my coffee like no one else. But in the same time, I’m a mother of two small boys. And now you got the gig. Those two elements are like oil and vinegar, don’t mix well.

In order to enjoy my coffee time, I used to wake up at least an hour before my family, so I can do it in peace and quiet. My younger one didn’t approve. According to his new plan, I should be waking up at 3AM to have that peace and quiet. So, no coffee time for me!

I was really getting frustrated since this new habit started. Not having my coffee time first equals not starting the day right.

But what are we, mothers, if not creative? Microwaving the cold coffee didn’t work; switching to cold coffee, with the excuse “if I’m drinking it cold, at least to be with a purpose” , didn’t work for me, mainly because the ice will get all melted and the taste of coffee was all gone.

So, what saved my nerves and sanity? THERMOS COFFEE MUG! OMG, right?How I didn’t think of it earlier?! Now my coffee can go up to 4 – 5 hours with the same temperature and taste. Moreover, you can take it with you wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Folding clothes? No problem! Your coffee is right next to you, hot and safe inside the closed mug, hence, no spills. Caught few minutes alone, no need to hurry and make the coffee at that moment, because it’s already waiting for you, just grab a book or magazine and enjoy your time. Playing games of Snakes and Ladders with your little one, and trying not to fall asleep? Your lovely and warm cup of coffee is there to support you, while still being tasty.

I can go on and on, but you got the drill. Take the biggest size possible. It’s a relief. Make your coffee once, and enjoy it, well… at least drink it hot!

What works for you when it comes to your ME time? Share your tips and tricks with us, some of us might find it very useful.

Enjoy your coffee


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