Why We Love Coffee?!

We all love coffee for different reasons, but here are my top 6 that you will totally relate to.

Since I first prepared my father’s coffee as a kid, I fell in love with the aroma of coffee. He used to say that I make the best coffee ever.

I wouldn’t know that until high school days, when I really started to drink coffee, to love coffee and to understand why is that so.

Here are the reasons why I love coffee so much.

  1. AROMA As I said, I loved the aroma of coffee since I was a kid, and to this day. There’s nothing more inviting than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, especially in the mornings. It’s giving me the right kick to push me through the day, especially the day of motherhood.
  2. TASTE – Enjoying every sip of coffee without any sugar or creamer, is what I call love for coffee. The full rich taste of coffee with every sip, tasting different blends, or origins, is what tickles my taste buds.
  3. HAPPY AND RELAXED -One can’t be sad while drinking coffee. I enjoy the moment of a break while having coffee, and I can instantly feel calm and relaxed, even in the noisiest surroundings. Coffee is my happy place and my comfort zone. Accompanied by a good book, or music I love, I’m on another planet.
  4. ENERGY/AWAKENESS – One might need some extra energy while being busy mom, wife, working woman. Starting in the morning, coffee is so empowering to me and makes me feel ready for the coming day. Especially in the late afternoons, when I feel my batteries are about to run out, I always have my coffee break for energy refuel.
  5. THE BEST CONVERSATIONS – There’s nothing better than a coffee with your best people, for me those are my husband, my sister, and my best friend Tanya, to spend the time with. Our conversations can go on and on, and you won’t feel the time flying.
  6. FOCUS – No serious work can start without the extra energy boost. Thanks to the caffeine, the load of tasks that seemed so big, starting to get less and less after a nice cup of coffee.

There are of course many more reasons to love coffee. Share your thoughts in the comments. Do you love coffee and why? If not coffee, what is your favourite beverage? Don’t forget to share it with other coffee lovers you know.

Enjoy your coffee!


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