Decaf Coffee, Why Not?!

How decaffeinated coffee differs from the regular one, and why

When it comes to coffee, we all have our own preferences and reasons for the same. The most known, or at least for me, is that wake-up kick it gives you in the morning, without which many people claim they can’t function.

But what about during the day, when you already had your caffeine intake reach its limit, but you got invited on a coffee date that you just can’t miss? Or if for any health related reasons, you have to give up regular coffee?

Well, for those who are not 100% ready to give up regular coffee, there is always decaf.

What is decaffeinated coffee?

Decaf, as you probably know already, is short of decaffeinated coffee, and it’s actually much more similar to the regular coffee than you’ve imagined.

Decaf coffee is just like regular coffee, except that it has most of the caffeine removed. The removing of the caffeine is a process where green coffee beans are being washed and soaked, so the caffeine becomes soluble, and then the caffeine is extracted through different techniques. The health experts say that modern techniques of decaffeination are safe and risk free.

Nutritional value

Except for the caffeine, the nutritional value of the coffee beans stays the same, and it’s still one of the healthiest drinks that we consume every day. There might be around 15% fewer antioxidants in the decaf coffee than the regular coffee because of the process of decaffeination, but still, one cup of decaf contains 2.4% of the daily recommended intake of magnesium, 4.8% of potassium and 2.5% vitamin B3. Even though this doesn’t seem like much, it adds up with each cup.

How does it taste?

It’s very important to know that decaf coffee has a slightly milder taste, which might be good for those who don’t like the bitter taste of coffee. However, it all depends on your taste, from the method of decaffeination used, the origin of the beans, roasting, etc. You should probably do a lot of tasting before you find your favourite decaf coffee.

It’s not completely caffeine-free

Another noteworthy fact is that decaf coffee is not completely caffeine free. It usually contains 70-140 grams.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter are you drinking regular or decaf, for any reason, what matters is what suits you the most.

Enjoy your coffee!


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