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Cold Brew vs. Hot Brew

Simple differences between cold and hot brew coffee

Since I first started to drink coffee, hot coffee was all I knew. But with trying new trends and new ways of brewing, I started to like the cold brew as well. I didn’t know why.

It’s much different now that I know, so I can choose my cup depending on my preferences at the moment.

These are few things that are important to me and I think you, especially new coffee drinkers, will find them useful as well.

Brewing Temperature Is Key

The brewing happens when the water runs trough the coffee grounds , extracting caffeine, sugars, acids, oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and probably many other stuff out of it. How these things are extracted, and in which amount, depends on the water temperature.

There Is Difference In The Flavor

Cold brew coffee has lower acidity and bitterness. The acids that normally become bitter in hot coffee, don’t get extracted.

That leads to change and difference in flavour.

Hot coffee quickly produces fragrant coffee that has round flavour, satisfying aroma, gentle sweetness, crisp acidity, and low bitterness.

Time Needed For Brewing

Cold brew requires patience. It uses time, rather than heat, to extract oils and caffeine from coffee beans. This process will reward you and your taste buds with coffee that is smooth in flavour, rich in sweetness, with very gentle hint of acidity and zero bitterness.

Another good , and probably the most important, difference is that the cold brew coffee can be paired with many other ingredients that will give you many new different drinks and flavours, while hot brew is not that versatile.

However, if you are using good quality beans, you’ll be satisfied with both hot and cold brew.

Caffeine levels are not that different and it all depends on your daily intake, which should be in moderation .

Final Words From Me

Both hot and cold brew coffee have their uniqueness, and everything depends on your taste and daily habits. I always drink hot, pure coffee in the morning, and the rest of the day is left for experimenting, depending on my mood.

Both cold and hot coffee are generally healthy, when consumed in moderation, acording to FDA.

How about you?

Do you prefer cold or hot brew coffee?

Share with me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy your coffee!


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