5 Ways to Elevate Your Coffee

These simple ingredients will take your coffee to a next level, and you most probably have them in your pantry

Even if you are black coffee sworn fan and drinker, you have to agree that there’s no harm adding an extra flavor your cup now and then.

It will not only change the taste of your coffee, but will add some extra fun to your daily routine.

And I’m not talking about sugar, creamer or butter.

Here are 5 ingredients , that most probably you have it in the kitchen already, that I’ve been using with my coffee.

  1. My favourite CINNAMON, very popular spice, gives coffee an exotic flavour. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on your coffee, or brew it together with a cinnamon stick. It will save you several calories per cup, and boost your body with its health benefits.
  2. VANILLA EXTRACT is another perfect replacement for sugar and/or creamer, but better in flavour. Few drops of vanilla extract will elevate your coffee and save some calories. You can also brew your coffee together with vanilla beans.
  3. If you are up for a dessert and a coffee in the same time, why not hsve them together? A scoop of ICECREAM will turn your coffee in a refreshing dessert, especially in hot days.
  4. SALT is often used to neutralise the bitterness of the coffee. Many people swear that a dash of salt helps maximize the flavour of their cold coffee. However, you probably shouldn’t use salt if you use good beans, and the bitternes is part of the coffee flavour
  5. HONEY is a new, trendy, and healthy way to sweeten your coffee. It will add a fun new flavour to your coffee, and extra health boost in the same time. You should remember that honey is sweeter in taste than sugar, so less than a teaspoon would be more than enough.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, and that you will it to be both fun and rewarding to try new things with your coffee.

Do you have special ingredient that you add to your coffee for an extra flavour? Share it with us in thd comments, as we love to hear about it and try it ourselves.

Enjoy your coffee


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