First specialty coffee school in Kuwait

Specialty coffee is a diverse industry. Here in Kuwait, it’s rising with the speed of the light. Every month we hear about new specialty coffee bar, new themes, new trends…

As the demand for specialty coffee in Kuwait is growing, so is the need of specialty coffee experts, and here is where Caffeine is stepping up.

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مدرسة كافين للقهوة المختصة. The First Speciality Coffee school in Kuwait 🇰🇼

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The school offers full training in many specialty coffee related subjects, like SCA Introduction to Specialty Coffee, SCA Roasting Foundation, SCA Brewing, SCA Barista, SCA Sensory, exams and certification for the same.

Both instructors, Mohammad Alhasan and Fatma AlRoumi, are authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) trainers, and individually, each of them possess many diplomas in their skills. Mohammad Alhasan is the first “Q” Grader in Kuwait, which is the most recognized and coveted certification system for Arabica and/or Robusta cuppers.

But most important, they are very inspiring, motivating and in love with coffee.

Caffeine is open for registration for different courses and you can check them out on their website here.

Enjoy your coffee !

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