One “Cheese Coffee”, please

Is the ‘Cheese Coffee’ becoming a new trend?

No matter how much I’m into cheese and coffee, I would never ever even think to put those two words together in a sentence, and for sure not actually putting them together.

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To my surprise, recently I came upon a very interesting account on Instagram. Obviously you can find lots of different food and drink places, and sometimes even unusual, and one of those places is Percolate . This Coffee and Tea place based in Los Angeles, serves matcha drinks, different kind of teas, boba teas, sparkling matcha drinks and more. And now Cheese Coffee!!!

How awesome is that?

Well, I wasn’t unaware of the Swedish traditional Kaffeost, or “Coffee cheese”, which is dried cheese served on a wooden mug, poured with a hot coffee.

Background photo created by freepik –

I also found out that in France, there is Maroilles, strong cheese that is being consumed with hot coffee for breakfast, too.

In Vietnam, there is a drink called Cà phê trứng, or “Egg Coffee”. It’s called like that because of the topping made of salty or sweet cheese and egg.

This type of coffee might not be that new after all, but is it going to get more popular this year? Would you taste it if you have a chance? I know I would.

Good luck Percolate_tea , I hope to see this trend here in Kuwait, soon!

Enjoy your coffee! With cheese 😉


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